1. If you have to make an ad, make a good one

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  2. This 6-episode video series from Nikon follows a man’s journey through Scotland, driven only by his one passion: photography. Beautifully shot piece. What’s next? #purephotography

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  3. "Small World Machines" from Coca Cola. Social Creativity at its best. 

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  4. "Desire" - a brilliant piece of branded content from Jaguar.

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  6. As an old footballer, I absolutely love THE CHANCE and the idea behind the Nike Academy. This film follows the eight 2010 “winners” and their hard search for a professional contract. 

    Nice piece of branded content by Nike and AKQA. 

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  7. McLaren celebrates its 50th anniversary with this beautiful short film, “Courage”, directed by Marcus Soderlund

    The film, shot in pov, follows ‘the ghost’ of Bruce McLaren as he retraces the scene of his tragic crash at the Goodwood circuit in 1970. 

    Absolutely love it!

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  8. Rick Rubin: Music and Spirituality on Nowness.com.

    Once in a while, “let’s listen to the silence”.

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  9. Han Kjøbenhagen A/W 12 shortfilm. Surreal but nice. Sick sound design!

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  10. Open Spaces: Digital #Streetart on Google Chrome 

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