1. Coke Zero shows first signs of what I think will be an interesting trend in the coming years: merging ‘nouveau circus’ storytelling techniques with brand experiences. 

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  2. Red Bull Stratos is a fantastic example of a brand project that offers much more than just a campaign. Actually quite excited about the live streaming in a few days… 

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  3. “The only way to push forward is to risk something important.” 

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  4. Kept me entertained for 10 minutes. New record. Absolutely brilliant, again, Old spice!

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  5. Mos Def reciting Muhammad Ali speeches in new Louis Vuitton commercials. Brilliance, again, from Ogilvy Paris.

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  6. I saw this one for the first time when Marc Speichert, Chief Marketing Officer L’Oréal showed it at Cannes Lions 2012. Great idea and bold move by Dermablend!

    More here: http://www.gobeyondthecover.com/

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  7. Coca-Cola, Mark Ronson and The Rythm. Brilliant idea!

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  8. Evil Instincts - Benicio de Toro

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  9. Perrier presents The Drop. Fantastic work by Ogilvy Paris

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  10. Some serious one-shot magic in this Paralympics ad. Amazing!

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